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Family Friendly Resources to Support Reading Comprehension

Posted by admin on Mar 26, 2020 3:30:57 PM

Stories are told through mood. This means that being able to understand how characters feel and why they feel that way is essential to comprehending narratives. Understanding a character's mood helps put you directly into the heart of a story. 

By monitoring how characters feel and why their moods change over the course of a story, readers will not only have a concrete way to work toward comprehending narratives, they will also have a way to think concretely about how the narratives were crafted and structured.

In order to to help your students think about mood and support them as they build those reading comprehension muscles, author Trevor Bryan created these question and answer sheets that are based on the ideas in his popular book, The Art of Comprehension. These sheets can be used to guide teachers or parents through a conversation with students about mood and to record their thinking, or they can be given to students to fill out on their own.

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AoC Sheets

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