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Supplemental Resources Ideal for Remote and Hybrid Learning

Posted by admin on Sep 17, 2020 4:09:14 PM

Overcoming the challenges of time and distance.


As if teachers didn't face enough challenges under "normal" circumstances, but now they face an added constraint: distance. Most of you are likely wondering how to engage a virtual or blended “classroom” full of students. Or how to adapt print-based resources for online learning. And how do you preserve those social interactions that are so important for both building a community of learning and making the content accessible, relevant, equitable, and even joyful?

Cutting out classroom talk is not an option

The authors of Stenhouse Supplemental Resources have been thinking about these questions for the last several months and they’ve come up with a series of creative solutions to the Time+Distance problem. Cutting out classroom talk is not an option for these Stenhouse authors. They see interactions with and among students as fundamental for assessment, differentiation, and engagement. And so they are showcasing ways to maintain interactivity seamlessly in a blended or remote-only environment. 

Take a look at these resources here, as well as the accompanying materials and guidance that has been thoughtfully created to make implementing them in a remote, in-person, or hybrid setting as easy as possible.


Short, powerful grammar instruction for any setting

Patterns of Power Plus_In the Kit-1

Most day-to-day grammar instruction is about finding one right answer and identifying mistakes rather than uncovering and appreciating writing’s beauty and meaning. Through a unique process of invitation, teachers can use Patterns of Power Plus: Extension Lessons for Young Writers  by Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca to teach grammar authentically with flexibility through rich literature and quality conversations—without worksheets! It’s about developing the craft of writing—using real texts to teach real writing.

Patterns of Power Remote Learning Resources

The Patterns of Power Plus Companion Website for each grade, 1–5 includes resources that can help with remote or blended instruction. Each site includes model lessons, digital Lesson Display Flipcharts, remote learning video tutorials and lesson planning tips, and a link to a 1-hour webinar where Jeff and Whitney share remote learning tools and ideas shared through the Patterns of Power Facebook Community.

Watch the Remote Learning Webinar


Build fact fluency through context, not memorization

BFF_GroupShotRev_Final_margin_small-1Help students learn their math facts by developing deep, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency with Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction. Developed by math specialist, Graham Fletcher, this comprehensive research-based toolkit provides everything a teacher needs to help students develop number sense on the way to fluency—from cards, games, and videos to online resources, a facilitator’s guide, and hundreds of highly engaging activities and tasks. It’s an ideal resource for engaging lessons and games for hybrid and remote learning environments.

Building Fact Fluency Remote Learning Resources

Every component in the Building Fact Fluency toolkit can be taught remotely and in hybrid models—synchronously or asynchronously.

Digital Lesson Materials

The robust Companion Website includes access to hundreds of Image and Tool Talk photographs as well as digital versions of all Anchor Problems and Contextualized Practice Problems—both available in English and Spanish.
Number Talks slides as well as 3-Act Task videos offer engaging lesson content that is easy to share in a remote setting.

Professional Learning Videos and Remote Learning Guide

The online professional learning lesson demonstration and reflection videos and the user-friendly Remote Learning Guide will make implementing this resource intuitive and easy to manage.

Watch the webinar to learn more


Make connections through one-on-one reading conferences, in-person or remotely


Helping students in grades 3–5 become strong, independent readers requires
thoughtful planning, active listening, accurate tracking, and personalized follow up. But many teachers don’t have the time, the tools, or the experience to plan effective conferring conversations that will allow them to assess students’ individual independent reading development and help them become stronger, joyful readers.

With the Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading  by Gravity Goldberg and Renee Houser, teachers will have everything they need to prepare, model, and organize effective, student-centered conferences with confidence.

Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading Remote Learning Resources

The Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading Companion Website for each grade, 3–5, provides a variety of helpful resources for successful remote learning. Each site includes 20–30 professional learning and model conferring videos as well as digital versions of all the tools available in the toolkit—including note-taking forms, planning documents, and progress-monitoring and assessment sheets.

Watch the Remote Learning Webinar


Practice Lessons for Turning Readers into Problem-Solvers


What if you could practice responsive teaching while implementing your balanced literacy lessons and meeting standards without sacrificing the quality of your instruction? You can—with Who’s Doing the Work? Lesson Sets by Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris.

The lesson sets in this thoughtfully created classroom resource were designed to provide teachers with high-quality balanced literacy instruction, but with the added benefit of built-in teaching support to give teachers the feeling that they have their very own literacy coach right there with them. And while the tools and teaching materials were created for the classroom, everything that comes inside is easily adaptable for online teaching.

Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets Remote Learning Resources

Each grade-level specific Companion Website that supports Who’s Doing the Work? Lesson Sets includes resources that support distance learning including digital versions of the Reading Art Cards and Shared Reading texts. These resources provide teachers with rich opportunities for whole-class and small-group discussion—even in a remote setting.

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