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Hopes for Our Students as Talkers & Listeners & How to Get There (Something to Talk About)

Posted by admin on Sep 9, 2021 10:00:00 AM

About the Episode

Welcome to Something To Talk About, a podcast and blog series about all things classroom discourse!

In each episode of the Something to Talk About mini podcast we ask just one juicy question about classroom discourse to a group of educators.

In Episode 1, Stenhouse editor and author, Kassia Wedekind asks:

What are some of your greatest hopes for your students as talkers and listeners? And what kind of practical routines will you set up at the beginning of the year to help build that community?

Take a listen to hear from third grade teacher, Jennifer Orr, first grade teacher, Santasha Dhoot, and authors of Intentional Talk, Elham Kazemi and Allison Hintz.


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