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VIDEO: Behind the Book, Joshunda Sanders

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2020 1:55:13 PM

"Relationships and communities evolve through heartfelt responses to stories." ~JoEllen McCarthy, Layers of Learning

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In this episode of Behind the Book, JoEllen McCarthy talks to author, Joshunda Sanders about her children's book, I Can Write the World. Watch to discover what inspired Joshunda to write this popular book and what she hopes students and teachers will learn from it. 


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Joshunda Sanders

Twitter: @JoshundaSanders

JoEllen McCarthy


Next Time on Behind the Book

Always anjaliNext time on Behind the Book, JoEllen will be interviewing Sheetal Smith about her book, Always Anjali. Keep an eye out for it in January!


About the Behind the Book Video Series

JoEllen McCarthy created the Behind the Book video series in collaboration with Stenhouse Publishers because she believes in the power of read-alouds. Throughout her teaching career she has often thought of those read-alouds as her co-teachers, but, as she will show in this series, it's the inspiring authors and illustrators of those books who are the real co-teachers. So join her as she talks one-on-one with the authors of some of your favorite children's books and hear about their journeys creating them and what they want teachers and students to learn from them.

About JoEllen McCarthy

JoEllen - use this one-1JoEllen McCarthy is a lifelong learner and staff developer who spends her days facilitating collaborative coaching conversations that support a curriculum of children and emphasize literacy as a vehicle to care. As the Educator Collaborative’s Book Ambassador, JoEllen spreads her enthusiasm for the role literature plays in all aspects of education. Her new book, Layers of Learning: Using Read-Alouds to Connect Literacy and Caring Conversations is available now.