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Poetry Friday: Know This?

This week we have another poem from California English teacher Gayle Hobbs.

Know This?

By Gayle K. Hobbs

Know this?

Furling smoke cast through the morning air
A blasting cry of misery brought me to consciousness
as blow after blow struck our peaceful repast.

Barbaric violence brought down those towers
on a peaceful September morn.
Taunting and biting, expecting no return.

The evil within these men’s hearts
was brought out by uncivilized ideals
and crushed all acceptance or tolerances.

Those ancient ideals of a long ago race
bent on the destruction of all others
who think, live, thrive differently.

These towers now stand taller, stronger and
outside the realm of possible destruction.
They are now part of OUR history.

And will ever be a symbol of our freedoms
Our hearts will forever remember
September 11, 2001.

Know This!

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Thursday roundup: Celebrating teachers

Amanda Villagomez, a teacher from Oregon, recently started a new series on her blog called Celebrating Educators. She hopes to inspire new and veteran teachers alike by sharing educators’ journeys. In the latest installment Stenhouse author Pat Johnson writes about how she discovered her passion of working with struggling readers. Check back with Amanda’s blog often to read about other teachers’ journeys and to share yours!

And while you are on Amanda’s blog, also check out this great review of Herbert Broda’s recent book Moving the Classroom Outdoors.

Stenhouse author Franki Sibberson recently interviewed Kelly Gallagher about his new book, Write Like This. You can listen to the podcast and read the full transcript on the ChoiceLiteracy website.

Kelly’s previous book, Readicide, was also mentioned in a blog entry on the Tucson Citizen website by op-ed writer Marc Severson.

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Now Online: Write Like This

Are the students in your school writing enough to develop into skilled writers? Will their writing be good enough to get a desirable job and participate in civic life? What can you do to give writing the attention it deserves?

In his new book, Write Like This: Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling and Mentor Texts, Kelly Gallagher addresses the alarming discrepancy between the importance of writing and the low achievement demonstrated by the majority of the country’s adolescent writers. He argues that students need to be stretched beyond the types of writing required by most standards and tests to include real-world purposes and authentic models.

Write Like This shows you how to get students to buy into writing as a valuable and relevant skill, and provides practical ways to model for your students as they write to:

  • express and reflect;
  • inform and explain;
  • evaluate and judge;
  • inquire and explore;
  • analyze and interpret;
  • take a stand/propose a solution.

Kelly includes mentor texts throughout the book—professional samples and models he has written in front of his students—as well as a chapter on meaningful revision and editing.

Preview the entire book online now and then listen to a podcast with Kelly Gallagher and Franki Sibberson on the ChoiceLiteracy website.

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Poetry Friday: Recipe for a Summer Afternoon Short Story

Gayle Hobbs is an English teacher in California and she has shared her poems on the Stenhouse Blog before. Enjoy this lovely poem and then get writing!

Recipe for a Summer Afternoon Short Story.

by Gayle K. Hobbs

Take a bowl full of words and phrases
Stir until sentences form.

Drop in a couple of interesting characters
Add a few descriptive details and shake delicately

While the story firms up, pepper in a few shavings of intrigue and mystery.
Simmer in the summer afternoon shade.

Right before the story is completely done, add a tablespoon of humor and a dash of irony.
This will complete your vacation short story.

Serve with a tall glass of ice tea and

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