Poetry Friday: What a Tree Looks Like

March 19th, 2010

With the move to daylight saving time earlier this week and the especially spring-like weather here in the northeast, we thought something outdoorsy would be appropriate for this week’s Poetry Friday entry, courtesy Bella, one of Randi Allison’s students.  The inspiration for Bella’s poem comes from Trees Be Company, An Anthology of Poetry.  Bella embraces the invitation to seek out poetry in her everyday life, ensuring a palette of never-ending ideas to splash her thoughts and noticings, filling her blank canvas.

What A Tree Looks Like

In the summer
a tree looks like
a happy grandma
with lots of children
running around her.

When it’s windy
a tree looks like
a giant with messy
green hair.

After a snowstorm
a tree looks like
a delicious cookie
with sparkly, vanilla frosting.

In the spring
a tree looks like
a huge broccoli,
a home for
squirrels, birds, and bugs.

At night
a tree looks like
a spooky tower
where witches
keep princesses hostage.

In fall
when the leaves are gone
a tree looks like
a dancer swaying side to side.

That’s what a tree looks like

age 8


Bella, age 8

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  • 1. Mr. Allen's Third Grade Class  |  March 19th, 2010 at 10:02 am

    We were all excited to see Bella’s poetry and picture on the blog this morning. She is a wonderful poet and a special friend. Her poem is full of images from a writer’s mind. Bella is a poet whose words will not end…

    We are proud that she is a member of Mr. Allen’s third grade classroom community and that Mrs. Allison helps us be better poets!

    Thanks, Mrs. A., for sharing Bella’s writing with the world!

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