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April 26th, 2013

Even the most reluctant learners will observe a bearded dragon lizard, play with water, and be excited to see their little seed start to grow.
—Christina Ryan, Kindergarten Teacher

Imagine teaching a unit where young children are fully engaged, observing, predicting, questioning, and collaborating with their classmates. The stage is set for students to make connections, practice literacy and math skills, and enjoy activities that serve well-defined learning goals.

In Starting with Science, veteran educator Marcia Edson shows why inquiry-based science should play a prominent role in preschool and primary-grades classrooms. Readers will discover how inquiry-based science differs from “hands-on” science, the teaching strategies that are critical to fostering inquiry, and how this approach leads to lasting skills and content knowledge that students will carry into the higher grades.

Regardless of the depth of your science background, you’ll find practical suggestions for designing and teaching rich inquiry units—including a detailed example of a unit on choosing a classroom pet. Edson shows you how to integrate science and literacy, make meaningful assessments, and find ways to incorporate inquiry-based science into your already-busy schedule.

Starting with Science has just been published and is in stock, and you can preview the entire book online.

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