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Stenhouse Recommends: Reading Professional Resources

Posted by admin on Apr 2, 2019 10:26:00 AM

Last week, we offered up two of our favorite literacy titles to add to your summer book study list. This week, we have three reading titles that are sure to shed new light onto your instruction.  Discover the books that you and your colleagues can read together and grow your teaching expertise to the benefit of all your students!

Help Your Students Become Less Dependent

Are you having trouble helping your students become more independent readers? Luckily, Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris have come up with the strategies to help you support students in developing their power as problem-solvers, which will lead them to be less dependent on you. In their popular book, Who’s Doing the Work? How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More, Burkins and Yaris reveal practical techniques that can be weaved into reading instruction to help you practice stepping back, so emerging readers can move forward. Download the STUDY GUIDE.

Confidence-Building Conferences

Conferring with students about reading allows for clearer access to one-on-one, in-the-moment teaching and learning, yet it can feel intimidating or overwhelming. To Know and Nurture a Reader: Conferring with Confidence and Joy by Kari Yates and Christina Nosek will get you started with confidence through tools, examples, and ideas that will make conferring something every teacher can do right away and master with continued effort and practice. Download the STUDY GUIDE.

Inspire Curiosity in Your K–2 Students

Amy Stewart believes that close reading practice is the stepping stone to a lifetime love of reading. In her new book Little Readers, Big Thinkers: Close Reading in the Primary Grades, you’ll learn what close reading is and is not; how to weave close reading practice into lessons; and ways to cultivate real reading and organic thinking. Stewart offers a manageable approach to close reading that will enable you to harness the big thinking we know is inside your little readers’ minds! Download the STUDY GUIDE.

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