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REVIEW of Brain Words by J. Richard Gentry and Gene Ouellette

Posted by admin on Apr 22, 2019 9:43:16 AM

Jennifer Allen, a literacy specialist from Waterville, ME, has discovered the power of Brain Words: How the Science of Reading Informs Teaching by J. Richard Gentry and Gene P. Ouellette. Read what she had to say about it below, and click HERE to learn more about how you can support your students' reading development with the ideas from this important book!

I honestly love Brain Words. I have learned first hand that books alone and loose decoding instruction does not always cultivate readers.  In working in a district with hard-to-reach learners, I have found that we need to provide intentional instruction with a lot of repetition to help some students get a sense of the alphabetic principle.  Some of our youngest learners need to build a bank of words to support their reading development, as described in Brain Words. The methodology shared can be added to our toolbox so that as teachers we can better match instruction to the needs of our students.” --Jennifer Allen, literacy specialist in Waterville, Maine and author of Becoming a Literacy Leader and A Sense of Belonging.

With Brain Words, you will learn how children’s brains develop as they become readers and discover ways you can take concrete steps to promote this critical developmental passage. Introducing their original, research-based framework of “brain words”—dictionaries in the brain where students store and automatically access sounds, spellings, and meanings—the authors offer a wealth of information that will transform your thinking and practice. With the insights and strategies of Brain Words, you can meet your students where they are and ensure that more of them read well, think well, and write well.



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