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Equity with Regie Routman on the Teach Me, Teacher Podcast

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2019 2:29:11 PM

Regie 2016Regie Routman, author of Literacy Essentials, joined Jacob Chastain on his podcast Teach Me, Teacher for a 3-part series about how to achieve true equity in our schools and classrooms. Have a listen to the series and take a look at author, Mary Howard's thoughtful reflections and takeaways on each episode. 


Part 1 “We Teach Kids, Not Data Points”

In this episode, Regie and Jacob take a deep dive into the increasingly alarming practice of talking about students as if they are data points and not children. They discuss why we need to humanize our classrooms, and how to think about our school culture in a way that fosters equitable practices.

Mary Howard wrote, "Regie always inspires me and I adore her book, Literacy Essentials, so I couldn't wait to dig in. Here are my notes on the brilliant thinking of my friend Regie but I hope that you will listen for yourself."

Read Mary's Notes


Listen to Part One


Part 2 “What’s Wrong and How to Fix It”

In part 2 of the series, Regie and Jacob take a look at some practices that are happening in classrooms and schools that are hurting students, and what to do about them.

Mary Howard wrote, "I was so inspired by Regie’s wisdom and heart. Here are my notes from a very enthusiastic listening but I truly hope you’ll listen for yourself. I’m so grateful to Regie for her dedication to kids and teacher everywhere and her willingness to share her vast knowledge with us all."

Read Mary's Notes


Listen to Part Two


Part 3 “Joy in Learning is a Necessity”

In the final episode, Regie and Jacob wrap things up with a discussion about why learning should be joyful—for teachers and students—and should drive us into the beauty and gift that is teaching.

Mary Howard wrote, "What better way to end Jacob Chastain’s 3-part podcast series with Regie Routman than a discussion of JOY and EQUITY. I have loved this series so much that I listened to each one, rewinding and listening again to take meticulous notes because every word is an inspiration worth writing down."

Read Mary's Notes


Listen to Part Three


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