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Revising for More Than Just the Correct Answer (Math Monday)

Posted by admin on Jun 6, 2022 8:44:13 AM

Highlighting Ideas from Rough Draft Math: Revising To Learn by Amanda Jansen


When we think about revising in math class, many of us might think about correcting mistakes. But as Amanda Jansen writes in her book, Rough Draft Math, this goal for revising is just one of many powerful possibilities. In today’s Math Monday blog, we dig into this idea with an excerpt from the book:

Goals for Revising

When we ask students to revise their thinking, how do we want them to improve it? Setting a goal for revision can help students orient themselves amid the many ways students can refine their draft ideas.

Becoming more accurate is often how we think about revising our work in math class. However, students’ definitions, proofs, justifications, or explanations could also be improved by becoming more concise, more elegant, more convincing, or even more illuminating.

Let’s check out some of the goals for revision from a chart from Rough Draft Math. You can download a copy of this chart here as well.

Table 4.4 1

Table 4.4 2

Table 4.4 3


To read more from Rough Draft Math, check out the preview on our website. There you can also find a free study guide that is perfect for guiding group discussions of the book.

Until next time, may your Monday be mathematically marvelous!




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