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Podcast: Equity, Access, Book Choice, and Student Connection

Posted by admin on Jun 25, 2020 3:26:29 PM


Teachers Corner Gravity and Renee Social

This recently ended school year was unlike any other, and its effects will be felt for years, perhaps permanently.

In response to uncertainty about coronavirus transmission, school districts are developing multiple tools and models to deliver instruction efficiently and equitably, while the ongoing protests in response to the death of George Floyd have sparked reflection among many educators about their responsibility in teaching anti-racism.

What’s worked for us? How can we use these new tools more effectively? And how can we ensure that education is accessible by every child?

In this episode of Teacher's Corner, Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser, creators of the Teachers Toolkit for Independent Reading, share their experiences helping students access books and teachers, and discuss what’s important as they look to the fall.



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