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Stenhouse at CCIRA 2020

Posted by admin on Jan 31, 2020 3:08:27 PM

Last year, Stenhouse authors shined at the annual CCIRA conference in Denver, CO. This year will be no different. Take a look at what we have planned for Stenhouse booth activities and when and where you can find your favorite authors.

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Meet the Author Sessions

Mark these times on your calendar so you don't miss a chance to meet some of your favorite authors at the Stenhouse booth.

Thursday, 2/6

Friday, 2/7

New Resources and Conference Discount

Visit the Stenhouse booth and get a first look at some of our newest resources! Here's is a list of what you'll find. And be sure to ask about our conference discount!

Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading by Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser

The Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading from Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser, is an all-in-one system for conferring with confidence. Each component of the toolkit supports teachers during every step of conferring—from determining what to look and listen for and preparing teaching texts to modeling reading notebook entries, giving feedback, and organizing note-taking systems. Visit the Stenhouse booth to get a closer look, and in the meantime >> Download the sampler. 

Engaging Literate Minds by Peter Johnston, et al.

Hot off the presses! Come to the booth to get the very first look at this long-awaited book that began ten years ago when Peter Johnston and six colleagues embarked on a journey to discover how to create classrooms that thrive intellectually while being both socially and emotionally healthy. Engaging Literate Minds: Developing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Lives is the culmination of their work and the stories of how their teaching has evolved by using Peter’s best-selling books Opening Minds and Choice Words

The CAFE Book, Expanded Second Edition by Gail Boushey and Allison Behne

How do you plan and deliver instruction so that each child in your classroom is given an equal opportunity to meet his or her potential? The CAFE Book, Expanded Second Edition, released in November 2019, has the solution to this challenge by providing all you need to support, guide, and coach your students toward those strategies that will move them forward. Pair it with The Daily 5, and you can learn how to incorporate the routines and authentic tasks that work seamlessly with these formative assessments.

Writing, Redefined by Shawna Coppola

When most of us think of writing, we think of putting pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Shawna Coppola challenges us to expand this definition. Through Shawna’s unique approach in Writing, Redefined: Broadening Our Ideas of What It Means to Compose, we learn how to explore sketching, creating comic strips, remixing, making collages, and producing podcasts. She also shows us how to navigate the world of multi-modal composition, so popular in the world today.

Patterns of Power Plus by Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca

At last year's CCIRA you may have heard Jeff Anderson present about practical ways to use the reading and writing connection to teach grammar and editing in a way that enhances composition and comprehension. This year, we have the popular classroom resource that he created with co-author Whitney La Rocca in the booth for you to get a closer look! Head on over to see Patterns of Power Plus and learn about how you can teach grammar authentically using real children's literature through the celebration of writer's craft--not worksheets! 

Stenhouse Author Sessions

Download this flyer to stay on top of where and when you can find Stenhouse author sessions!

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Photo by Cassie Gallegos on Unsplash