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VIDEO: Amanda Jansen on Rough Draft Math

Posted by admin on Mar 5, 2020 10:52:06 AM

Imagine a math class where students feel confident enough to stand up in front of their peers and declare that they need help working through a problem.

What kind of message would it send to a student who only shares when they’re sure they have the right answer? Or what would it do for students who need help but are too afraid to admit it? Using research and her own experience, Amanda Jansen created, Rough Draft Math—a new professional learning resource to help math teachers create a classroom culture where in-progress thinking happens out loud and without hesitation. Where, instead of silently worrying over a problem they can’t work out, students stand up proudly and declare, “I need to Rough Draft Math!”

Watch this video and learn from the author about what inspired her to create this new resource.



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